Dating in the dark recap

In a flashback scene, we see how the homophobia attached to toxic masculinity has stood in the way of Lionel connecting with other Black people.

However, that doesn’t stop him from feeling stirred to action when he gets an invite to the Dear Black People party.

However, racism is not always an aggressively violent act against another human being.

Sometimes it manifests in the way we engage one another on a daily basis.

This episode is basically a retelling of the events leading up to the controversial Dear Black People party from Lionel’s perspective.

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And in the process, she issues a public apology to Gabe.

Whatever was on this mysterious invite is what prompted droves of white students to show up in blackface.

In the immediate aftermath of the controversial party, Sam is back to her “Dear White People” hosting duties, discussing racism on campus all the while getting provocative texts from 'Summer Bae.' Sam receives calls from disgruntled white people on campus who think her radio show is aggressive and divisive. Luckily Sam proves herself to be the queen of clapbacks and keeps the outpouring of white tears to a minimum.

If you’re lost, dating a non-Black person is often viewed in conflict with pro-Blackness, especially when a Black person is heavily engaged in racial justice and consciousness, like Sam. And when he reiterates that he wants something serious, she decides to stop hiding and invite him to “Defamation” Wednesday, the weekly viewing party for a political drama with a Black female lead. Just like ) Things don’t go as planned when Reggie and Gabe get into a hostile spat resulting from Gabe’s cluelessness and Reggie’s fragile masculinity.

When confronted by Joelle who feels rightfully betrayed that her best friend has a secret lover, Sam tries to use her own mixed race heritage as a defense for dating Gabe. Feeling unsupported, unwelcome, and pissed at Sam for not having his back, Summer Bae storms out. But before she can deal with it, Higgins reveals that his paper has uncovered evidence that someone hacked into Pastiche’s Facebook account to send out the party invite.