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The thing about trivia is that each team is only playing for beer and bragging rights.If you show with a pitcher of beer, ask to join their forces, and even drop the hint that you've got an encyclopaedic memory or an i Phone, and you just might be the new team rookie.The Coast Love & Sex survey found that the majority of pollers are single, too, and they're "bored with it." I also did some research on the amount of time I spend on my own futon watching Gossip Girl re-runs and the verdict is in---it wouldn't hurt any of us to try and meet someone new.There are lots of ways to stay single: the aforementioned futon method; avoiding situations that are potentially awkward; not knowing what shoes to wear with that top.Imagine for a moment it is true that it's not who we are, but what we like that connects us.Bike shops, hair salons, grocery aisles, beer coolers, stationery stores, softball games, barbecues---all offer opportunities to find like-minded people.Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn't always co-operate with your outdoor flirting plans.

Strike up a conversation about contemporary fiction with the clerk at the library (, or the girl staring curiously at some graphic novels at Strange Adventures (5262 Sackville Street, 425-2140).

The Farmers' Market runs Saturdays from 7am to 1pm (1496 Lower Water Street, 492-4043).

The charm of treat-sharing is a great option at the Farmer's Market where hungry shoppers are wont to taste every sweet they can get their hands on.

A person with some fudge can be a hot commodity in this environment.

If you have a dog, you can take your fudge and your puppy to the Halifax Common, Fort Needham or Point Pleasant Park.