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Frank talks about how much Kent read and says he was a smart guy. Erin asks what’s the point of all this and says he’s overreacting. He says they are solid arrests and they can then run a warrant check. Gormley says without his soldiers on the street, Perez will stick his head out. Perez says Hunt is with the Warrior Kings, not his crew. Danny says the summons go for 0 a pop and having his crew locked up is probably bad for business. Perez caves and says he doesn’t know where he’s at but knows someone who does – a chick names Regina Tomlin. Danny wants a warrant for Regina but Erin says to just go interview her. Erin says she’s sorry and says he needs probably cause. Danny waits on the roof as Mario runs out the door. She says no judge will find that confession as admissible since he was dangling 10 stories up of a roof.

Frank has a book of his – Arthasasthra, an Indian book. Then Perez shows up to ask why they locked up his boys for being in the park after dark. Jamie says to dirty up her phone by getting Perez to call her. Danny says at least one Reagan is making use of their law school education. She asks why he’s calling her and says she’s done with him. He says he took a shipment that’s too big and has a key of H he needs moved. He’s surrounded and Danny says he has nowhere to go. Danny says to tell him that he killed Chief Kent and his wife. Danny goes to see his dad and says he didn’t threaten or coerce Mario to get the confession.

The guy works at the hospital, so does Curtis’ mom Faith. He goes into the chapel and asks why she’s in there.

She says it’s all her fault and says none of this had to happen.

To add to the complications, Danny has to find an inventive way to bring in witnesses.While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!On #Blue Bloods, Curtis is in the hospital room and shots Hector. Linda calls for help and they start trying to save Hector.Frank is in his office and stares at a box of Chief Kent’s personal effects. They stop Danny and tell him he can’t go into the ER. They promise to send a doctor out when they know something.Garrett comes in with food for his boss and Frank thanks him. Danny gets there and runs for her calling her name. Eddie is there too and they all try to comfort him.