Dating bipolar people

You can’t help but want to love them despite their flaws. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone who has BPD or Bipolar.

So you end up bending your rules, going out of your way to make their lives happy.

If this is your first time reading my blog, then here’s a lesson that I frequently teach: In this case, the type of person you date is the type of person that you are.

This is usually a big lesson for men and women who read my stuff.

Borderline’s and people with Bipolar Disorder will often try to tear you down. Emotional control, in my opinion, is all about having thick skin that’s equivalent to 10-inches of solid steal. What I want you to do is confuse this Attitude as you becoming some non-emotional drone. Emotions are good, they’re powerful, they are what make us human. But there’s a positive way of using your emotions and a negative way. You can start playing to win instead of playing to not lose.

But this is simply a reflection of their own inner turmoil. Most people let their emotions override their rational thought, resulting in the mistakes piling up one after another. When you avoid mistakes, all you can do is move up and up.

Here you are dating someone who you think could have BPD (or Bipolar).

We’re drawn to people with similar beliefs, values, upbringing and so on. Most of all, I learned what does NOT work in these relationships.Having dated many women with BPD/Bipolar, I learned their thought processes. As a result, you’ll get the love, the sex and the life that you want. I’ve had a lot of crazy girlfriends over the years.I can assure you that my best memories and experiences are from these relationships.You want the best for you, your partner and the relationship.You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case, right?