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(Purple, the color combination of red and blue, was designed as a subtle tip to bipartisanship.) On Inauguration Day, watching a rival she had warned was a threat to the nation being sworn in to the job she assumed would be hers, she focused as she walked out on the West Front of the Capitol on breathing. She acknowledges that the loss of Wisconsin was a surprise but denies that the campaign erred by not paying enough attention to the Badger State, saying "we" had campaigned there — although that didn't include stops by her but rather by running mate Tim Kaine and husband Bill. "It feels like our country, our society — we've gone through a learning process." There would be "vestiges" of sexism, as President Obama has faced vestiges of racism, she predicted, "but I do believe it would not be as reflexive.

And she expresses exasperated bewilderment about the strong negative reaction she has elicited from some since the start of her public career. It would not be as acceptable."That isn't how it turned out, she says now."I think part of the reason was because of who the candidate was on the other side," she said.

Her dress is more casual and her manner less guarded than during the campaign.

In an interview that stretched for nearly an hour, as longtime aide Huma Abedin bustled in the living room and kitchen, Clinton didn't pretend to be entirely over the election that landed Trump in the White House — her final campaign, she makes clear."I'll always feel terrible that it happened, that I couldn't figure out how to counter all of the stuff that was coming at me in good enough, fast enough real time," she said.

"Look, I'm pretty clear in the book about what I think he did in the 2016 primary that was damaging to my campaign against Trump. Because as bad as it was in 2016, they will come back with new tricks."Clinton, 69, has launched a new umbrella organization to support grass-roots groups, though the working name, Our American Future, was revised to Onward Together when she and aides realized the acronym for the original version would be the mockable OAF.

Clinton and Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, attend the Oscar de la Renta Forever Stamp First-Day-Of-Issue Stamp Dedication Ceremony at Grand Central Terminal on Feb. Former secretaries of State John Kerry, Clinton, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright talk at the start of a reception celebrating the completion of the U. Diplomacy Center Pavilion at the State Department on Jan.

But there is this: She has stopped dreaming about the election.

Clinton says she accepts responsibility for the shortcomings of her campaign, faulting herself for the "bad optics" of delivering high-priced Wall Street speeches, the inartful rhetoric that coal miners saw as an attack on their livelihood, and the "boneheaded mistake" when she decided to use a private email server as secretary of State.

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