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Andy is part of his own racing team and his friend becomes part of another. It is a scene where a guy gets up from under a semi after being run over and you will have to watch it and see why it is one of my top 10 death scenes ever. So of course the movie comes down to one final race.

Kar-Lok Wong (Department of Anesthesia, Pain Service and Critical Care Medicine, China Medical U Tanshinone IIA prevents doxorubicin-induced cardiomyocyte apoptosis through Akt-dependent pathway (33'40'') Date: 2011-01-15 Speaker: Prof.

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Andy Lau plays a 26 year old illegal biker who just gets his license back after being suspend for seven yrs.

David Wu plays his 25 year old unlikely best friend who eventually saves his relationship with his fiance played by 18 year old Gigi Leung.