Criminal record dating dating bunny com

Online dating companies should be taking advantage of the RCMP criminal records system to keep convicted criminals off their sites, say experts in the identity verification business.

"There is no perfect instant criminal record system on the planet," David Dinesen told CBC News. No question." "If I was CEO of the online dating company and I had a way to make it safer for my customers, or give an avenue for my customers to check …

Read more here Criminal backgrounds of Canadian daters could be checked without breaking privacy laws, because the daters could authorize or volunteer to provide their criminal conviction record check to the dating sites, he said.

"Shouldn't people be able to find ways to protect themselves?

It's estimated there are about 100 million singles in North America, with 30 million to 40 million using about 1,500 online dating services in varying degrees of seriousness – from the occasional gander to dedicated searching and dating.

There are no precise numbers regarding Canadian online daters.

The only legal method — used by journalists, researchers, companies and individuals — to learn of an individual’s criminal past is through court documents.RCMP detachments and provincial and municipal police forces have been feeding information into the database since the 1960s, making it a potential one-stop criminal record source for online dating companies, experts said.Online dating companies such as Plentyof Fish,, e Harmony and others should offer options to their Canadian clients, Boucher and Dinesen said.make sure who you are dating is who you are dating, and charge a premium," Dinesen said."You know, for the price of a nice dinner you're going to know that you're not dating a career criminal." Experts suggest that online dating sites could also direct a dater to background verification companies that would facilitate the criminal conviction check, but only at his or her request.