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Splunk is less about its abilities, and more about your imagination about what you can do with Splunk. Splunk shines in providing operational intelligence about systems and processes.Finding out how your systems are operating, how your processes are functioning leads to quick resolution of problems and points to where budgets are best spent. But like learning to play chess, you can learn the moves in half an hour, but take a lifetime to master.there are too much CPU cost when index too much items on Windows machine. The charts and visualizations that you can create in general have a good look and it has the minimum functionalities expected as a user (export, filtering, search, etc), I spent some time trying to understand the interface and functionalities but once I started to load some data and use the search I was able to see the capabilities of the product.Since the free version has limitations it is recommended to have a good idea of what you want to build and the purpose of usage so you can try it in a way that matter to then take the decision to buy a license or not.

1., it's slow and maybe make system unresponsive when you search data over long time range, or large amounts of data 2. In general I think is a powerful tool but a little confusing to use at the beginning although I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to installed it in Linux, not every BI tool that I've tried will let you do that.

Splunk quickly provides value, but requires imagination and creativity as well as wide ranging knowledge of systems and processes to move to the next level.

Not every organization needs that kind of talent to get a great return from Splunk, but the companies who compete and win will.

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