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#What Movies Are Made Of."The two first ignited dating rumors after Haynes shared a sunset pic of the couple embracing in the center of a heart made of rose petals on Valentine's Day."A lot of the first season is very sexuality-heavy. Get out of my face with your wishy-washy bullshit answer. So there’s the lack of monogamy and then there’s me looking like a 12-year-old. A., where half of the men are closeted and the other half are just dumb.As it turns out, Cher herself even videoed in to serenade the couple with "I Got You Babe" before Leatham popped the big question."Thank you @cher for the beautiful 'I got you babe' proposal lead in, you sounded incredible as always :) The most special night of my life @jeffleatham," Haynes wrote, hashtagging the words "#flowers #fireworks #fullmoon #cher" Thank you @cher for the beautiful "I got you babe" proposal lead in, you sounded incredible as always :) The most special night of my life @jeffleatham .

In the below video, Colton breaks down in tears as he’s walked down the aisle by his mom Dana Mitchell before totally losing it when Jeff walks to the altar with his Colton Haynes posted this adorable photo of his openly gay brother, Joshua, and Joshua's husband Scott and their daughter Wren on what looks like a fun family getaway--though Colton's niece Wren may disagree!From looking at Colton Haynes past as a "gay man" as far back as high school when he when to Prom with his Boyfriend as seen here ...My dream is for him to have a lesbian best friend who challenges his masculinity." "Too often, gay characters on TV are being played by straight people. But more often than not, the people playing gay on TV are either not gay, or they are gay and they're not out of the closet…The kids who watch my show and say thank you for being open about who you are, and playing this character, and bringing a level of authenticity that maybe somebody else wouldn't have. I like to think it makes it that much more relatable.