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We’ll check into the B&B tomorrow afternoon and the fun will begin. A while ago I presented a program for Common Threads Quilt Guild in Sussex, WI.One of the quilters in attendance was a woman named Colleen.Laura joined me for my traditional “bubble tea” at Etcetera.We met up with the Fiberistas and, aside from our second annual mexican dinner together on Saturday night, we had to do the kitschy AQS Paducah backdrop thing for our 2017 picture.During show & tell she shared a delightful “Row by Row” quilt.

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The next day we helped to hang the quilts in the AQS show. It was a perfect venue for a group of fascinating quilts.

When open it was a snuggly quilt, but with a little folding and tucking it became a pillow. Trey got the stormtrooper and Yoda for his birthday and Sommer got Leah and Luke (complete with light saber) for hers. So there you have it a post that contains both Star Wars and handcrafts. I found myself saying “pace yourselves” to my new roommates, who were stocking up on a bit of beautiful fabric before we even reached Quilt City, USA!

These were wonderful for keeping in the car for emergencies or an impromptu picnic. Now back to Star Wars: Last year I saw a pattern on the internet for crocheted Star Wars characters. After a delicious lunch at Yoder’s we were back on our way.

If anyone out there has a Row-by-row you’d like to share, please email me a picture at [email protected]

If you’d like to include a story, that would be icing on the cake 🙂 !