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It reminds me a little of the OPI Yokohama finishes.

Another one of my very first swatches, but an amazing blue.

The application on this is particularly great also.

What I never understood about the Tiffany blue polishes is that in colour patent law, when a hue is patented it means that no other company or product that is in direct competition or field can use the same hue. I love Falling Star and would have been surprised if you’d left that out. CG Secret Peri-wink-le is pretty but maybe not outstanding. Yes, you’re right, at least I have desperately waited for your top 10 blues 🙂 You did a good job.

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Peppermint to Be Ugly Sweater Party Son of a Nutcracker Bring on the Bubbly Break the Ice Violet Vibes Plur-Ple Glow with the Flow Red-y to Rave Home Sweet House Music Daisy Know My Name?In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite blues!Snowcone is a cornflower blue, so while it does have a lot of lavender in it, it falls into the blue category in my book.I even had to cut some out that I loved as much as some of these!Unlike a lot of other categories I have done, these really run the gamut in terms of finishes and variance in color.