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Many forums, subreddits and imageboards are using Discord as a way to connect in real time."Many of the largest Reddits use it," Discord CEO Jason Citron told Gizmodo in an email.Like, Christcord is a place to discuss religion, but also blow off steam with fellow believers."When [trolls] join, most immediately begin spamming offensive images and slurs," he said.Though it positioned itself as a scrappy alternative to gamer-friendly Vo IP software like Team Speak and Skype, Discord's robust text chat features have made it a hub for a variety online communities.The largest still remain pegged to specific games like , but many have nothing at all to do with gaming.

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"I believe in free speech and am against censorship," Stupiddroid wrote while making an obvious distinction: "[C]alling someone a 'nig*er' should be ban-worthy." Though banning still acts as a first line of defence, it can be easily evaded by using a VPN or simply creating a new account."I know most raids come from 4chan or r/the_donald if a link gets there.It happens when someone ignorant feels the need to make themselves feel better by harassing others." He pasted an example of raid spam which had recently been posted to his server by a user: "Kill all f*gs" in all-caps, 71 consecutive times.Trolls acquire invite links to other servers and post them in a room called "Raids" (formerly "Raids Defence"), encouraging the chat's 1000 members to descend en masse on vulnerable or unsuspecting communities, bringing with them a tidal wave of abuse.Other servers have rooms for doxxing -- the posting of personally identifying information like addresses and phone numbers of victims.