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I just wish he was AS intered in getting to know me (sniff). could be he has a very full life right now, which is a *good* thing, part of what him confident and sexy, what atttracted you to him.

in fact, i often have conversations that go we should hang out. in s case, id wait a few more weeks, when she sees him again, bumps into him, mention it casually. If something more happens, im open to it definately but life IS life. I have a friend like you, ultra cool when it comes to matters like this.

cant you just assume that they are busy rather than the insecure assumption that they dont like you?

if you can sustain your inter and he has one too, something may really develop.

He stood outside the house for quite a while debating with himself and our under age looking decoy about coming in, and finally he did. In the end Corey got exactly what he deserved, a trip to booking and interrogation, courtesy of our friends with the Long Beach PD.

While I am once again a bit disappointed in the sentence received in Long Beach, I'm pleased with the lifetime sex offender registration with which Corey must now comply. This is our 137th conviction since June of 2004 and our sixteenth conviction for 2007 so far.

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if thats true i screwed, because i not always going to have that time.

You hear about it all the time He would later show. He received three years probation, sixty days caltrans cleaning up the roads, time served and a lifetime of sexual offender registration and all the restrictions that come along with that.

Notes from the Contributor, Pibb Corey Edgar was a special kind of bust. Just who does he think he's going to attract with that?

Some guys just like to play it cool to protect themselves. sorry, but guys can be dense when we throw out signals. i mean i have a life and would like to date someone who does as well.

But if he didnt jump at the opportunity he is most likely not romantically intered. well the rumor is that hes a bit shy on these matters so thats a factor too. If you werent clear, he might think that you are just intered in going out as friends. wouldnt you be a bit turned off by someone who was *immediately* and always available?