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This Web version is suitable to input the long message and so forth, but the feature of Web version is less than mobile version.

- It doesn't support the moments feature - It doesn't support the feature of searching the new user ...

If you need to upgrade from an earlier version, please download the full installer from the downloads section and install Sea Monkey 2.48 manually over the previous version.

Automatic upgrades from previous versions are, for most configurations, disabled for this release.It is not a No Script problem but how the Mozilla server, from which downloads are delivered, is configured.In this case please add to the No Script "Never force secure (HTTPS) connections" options or turn off No Script for this download only.For a more general overview of the Sea Monkey project (and screen shots! Fight for Net Neutrality The Sea Monkey project supports the battle for the net campaign. But companies in other countries are also lobbying for the same goal so even if you are not a US citizen keep an eye open.Sea Monkey 2.48 Beta 1 released The Sea Monkey project is proud to present Sea Monkey 2.48 Beta 1: The new Beta release of the all-in-one Internet suite is available for download now!