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English is the native language, and being located near to the US make the Cayman Islands a unique and appealing place to members of the international financial services community to be based.

The Islands offer other advantages for anyone wanting to do business.

He is also offering to help couples who are willing to give it a try.

Bermudian Winston Godwin and his Canadian fiancé, Greg De Roche, took their case to the Supreme Court in Bermuda, arguing that the Human Rights Act took primacy and protected their right to marry, and the judge ruled in the couple’s favour.

Raznovich said local gay couples here need to bring the discrimination they face to the attention of the courts in Cayman because Section 14 of the Constitution of the Cayman Islands does not prohibit same-sex marriage.

It simply tells the government that it must “respect the right of every unmarried man and woman of marriageable age as determined by law to freely to marry a person of the opposite sex and found a family”, according to the legal expert who won his own legal case to remain in Cayman as a dependent of his husband.“The Marriage Law does not prohibit same-sex marriage either,” he told CNS.

The legislation was designed to encourage the banking industry and make the Islands attractive for offshore finance.

Forty years later, Cayman is recognized as a sophisticated, well regulated and diverse finance center.

This was an early example of the Government invoking the Islands’ historic tax neutrality from Britain dating back to the eighteenth century.

At December 2005, there were more than 70,000 companies registered in the Cayman Islands including 430 banks and trust companies, 720 captive insurance firms and more than 7,000 funds.

Jamaican independence from the United Kingdom in 1962 led to the Cayman Islands becoming a British Dependency.

“It simply defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Because this is not a prohibition either, there is no case of incompatibility but a case of interpretation.”He explained that the Cayman Islands Constitution prohibits discrimination on any grounds, including sexual orientation, and the lack of express prohibition in the Constitution and local legislation to same-sex marriage triggers sections 24 and 25 of the Constitution.