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************** Hello, Is there any interest to in adding Sabrina’s home cam? However, currently we're not set up to deal with that format. You have to be almost dead these days before you get taken to hospital. Most of our cams are in MJPEG format, which I don't think is possible with a Nest Cam. The misogyny endured by female sports reporters received fresh attention last year with the viral video of real men reading mean tweets sent to Chicago-based journalists Julie Di Caro and Sarah Spain.Among the messages: “You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed,” and, “Hopefully, this skank Julie Di Caro is Bill Cosby’s next victim.” In an era when some athletes are using their platforms to call for social change and promote marginalized populations, it’s disappointing that Newton—who’s signed to a 3 million contract—used his to microphone to degrade.

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We might possibly expand the types of cams we can deal with in the future. I never for one moment thought it would be a woman.

, defended herself Wednesday night after Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton laughed at a question she asked, saying it was “funny to hear a female” talk about receiver routes.