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"When you're in a movie it has to come from the character's point of view, so we feel a little bit neglected." Burlesque dancers lined the pink carpet along with screaming fans at the Empire Cinema as the cast of the film including Twilight star Cam Gigandet and Heroes actress Kristin Bell signed autographs for the screaming fans.

I was working on another movie at Screen Gems called Priest at that time, and so I was all dirty in a leather cowboy outfit, killing vampires, and then I’d go straight over to the Burlesque stage and I’d listen to Christina Aguilera songs, and at that moment I was like, ‘Alright, I have to be a part of this movie.’ And (it was) such a complete reversal of roles. was because it was on the same time zone that my parents were living in. That was quite an experience and after being here for a few months someone said, ‘Hey, you should try an acting class’ And that night I knew that this is what I was going to be doing.

Cam Gigandet as Kevin Volchok Portrayed by Cam Gigandet First appearance cheating on him with Volchok who justifies it with You got my sponsorship I got.

Lisa Kudrow 39 s 11 Year Old Son Called Her lashed out at his mom after he found out she played a cheating played by the much younger Cam Gigandet.When I was walking on my way to meet her, I just had so much anxiety, and within 30 seconds of meeting her all my nerves were gone. I’m sitting there talking to her and she’s just so relaxed. And I kept having to remind myself, ‘Wait, you’re talking to Cher.’ It was a surreal moment.I know that Christina and Cher had a number of talks. And it was such an exciting thing to see, because you would hear or see Christina and Cher talking and you’d seen Cher give Christina a piece of advice, even if it was just in passing, and Christina would just light up and she would just be glowing for the rest of the day, because she’s such an idol of Christina’s. The greatest thing for me was just to able to watch somebody as experienced as Cher have as much freedom and play around. Also watching Stanley Tucci work, they’re such pros and they make it look absolutely effortless. Fortunately, they enjoyed what I had done on Priest enough to give me this job. It’s your job, it’s what you have to do and so why not have fun with it?She has such an amazing work ethic that if she was on set and if she was there to work, whatever scene it was, she was fully there. There was no ego surrounding her as a music artist when she came on the set to be an actress. I respect so many people where I’m from, but it was more that I have to try something new. I think it’s so strange when people say that it was so difficult and so hard, it’s a perk of your job really. (All you have to do is) remember to push that and that, then that, then that.’ I was wrong. I can’t hear music, I don’t understand it; it’s so above and beyond me.