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Since there usually aren't many updates between -release and -stable ports, you may want to save some time and just install everything from packages.

Be sure to check if there have been any fixes committed to the -stable branch that affect you, though.

Both their ports and package systems were originally taken from Free BSD, but have since changed quite a bit.

If you're familiar with the Free BSD versions, you'll notice a lot of similarities, but also some interesting differences.

This means that you can't get the latest version of a port if it's been committed to the -current tree but didn't make it in time for the release.

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Do you know any reasons which would cause this sort of "error" with this particular installation? To get your initial copy of the ports tree, you can either download the -stable tree directly via CVS like so: # cd /usr # ftp BSD/`uname -r`/gz # ftp BSD/`uname -r`/SHA256# signify -C -p /etc/signify/openbsd-`uname -r | cut -c 1,3`-x SHA256gz Signature Verified gz: OK # tar xzf gz # rm gz SHA256# cd ports # cvs -d [email protected]:/cvs -q up -r OPENBSD_`uname -r | sed 's/\./_/'` -Pd Be sure to choose a mirror that's close to you for better speeds.Open BSD's -stable ports tree is frozen on a per-version basis, other than for security updates or important fixes.New discussion segment 2015-01-17 We're thinking about adding a new segment to the show where we discuss a topic that the listeners suggest.It's meant to be informative like a tutorial, but more of a "free discussion" format.