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The club also has great ties with all the International BSA Owners’ Clubs.

With such a great membership, help is never too far away; whether it be helping you buy your first BSA, or restoring your much loved BSA, right through to getting your BSA registered with the DVLA.

With the typical minimum Service competition weight of 5 lbs., the converted full-bore Martini Henry rifles' triggers were expected to be heavy-weight. version of the Al Freeland "Super Rifle" known as the Martini International. If you mean in the highly competitive sport of prone shooting, no of course it is not, but if you refer to its use as a rifle to teach beginners or for those who prefer shooting as a recreational sport and to whom high scores are pleasing but not primary, it has no equal at its price. Taking into account up to date techniques - certainly, and at little cost, and I will give you a few ideas as we proceed.

For many years, the minimum trigger weight permitted by the rules of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, was 3 lbs. However the biggest failing of those that I have observed is neglect. Very nice for carrying the rifle over your shoulder but not much good for anything else.

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Go to regular site Home - BSAOC Owners Club Home About Us The Star Membership Branches International Machine Dating Members Area Forum Contact Us Links The BSA Owners’ Club was formed in 1958, and has subsequently grown into the largest single marque classic motorcycle club in the whole of the UK.

The owner has got ill suddenly and couldnt finish it,he bought it years ago and has almost finished it and suddenly got ill. Any pre-war, or pre- 1947 production there might have been could have been separately defined, but we have found precious little data on early models and their numbering and production quantities. The lowest serial number of which we have to date been advised is in the P 53,000 range, seemingly in contradiction of John Knibbs' documentation that the serial numbers commenced with 60,001.In common with most early Martini actions, the trigger on the 12/15 was not adjustable other than by careful fettling of the sear and bent engagement.Distributor model B40 manufactured 1961 (BSA Owners Club dating certificate) but not registered until 1966. Best described as unrestored - has been well used so not fully original. Above is an " as marketed" example of the Post WWII Model 12/15, with the Parker-Hale No.7a rear sight, which permitted cleaning of the barrel without need of the sight's removal ( a design shared with the Vickers Martini "Perfection" rear-sight) and the PH No.2 tunnel fore-sight with interchangeable sight elements permitting quick alteration of post height or ring diameter; the only non-standard addition here being the Parker-Hale ten round "Quickloader" ammunition block to facilitate rapid fire.