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However, in reality the aircraft carrier USS Savo Island CVE-78 was a much smaller ship, a Casablanca-class escort carrier, too small to be appropriate for an admiral to use as a flagship.

Plus, Savo Island was decommissioned shortly after World War Two, several years before the story takes place.

"Being from Texas, I love my Mexican women," he says with a laugh.

This is the episode of Broad City that’s felt the least like a joke. Sure, Trey is the kind of guy who says “awesomesauce,” and he’s a little embarrassing, but he’s also really, really nice to Abbi. Abbi doesn’t know how to be with a guy she can’t tell her friends about, so she’s just lying to them—which makes it difficult to manage when Ilana asks her out to her parent’s anniversary dinner on the same night Trey asks her on a date.But unlike the character in his new song, Bridges isn't keeping a girl waiting at home while he tours. "Of course, I meet a lot of beautiful ladies on the road.But I don't see myself committing any time soon." He laughs."It's mind-blowing," says Bridges, who is touring in the U. '"Just a couple of years ago, Bridges was a college dropout (he studied choreography at a Fort Worth community college), busing tables at two restaurants to help his single mother pay her bills.That's when Austin Jenkins, then a guitarist for psych-rock band White Denim, noticed Bridges playing at a local bar one Tuesday night. "The writing was very, very deep." Soon, Bridges and Jenkins were holed up in a Fort Worth warehouse, recording The Beacon set veers between hushed gospel and blazing R&B, with Bridges inciting shrieks when he shuffles to the front of the stage while busting moves inspired by his hero Fred Astaire.