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Then she shot a hole through the side of their Mercedes, just missing the gas tank. In 1978, Dennis drove Lamm's Ferrari down to Venice Beach and, in another fit of rage, doused the interior of the car with lighter fluid and torched it.

"Then he went up to a house on Venice Boulevard and played the piano while it burned, like Nero," recalled Steve Goldberg..

The two went out for nearly three years, and Wilson even moved into Christine's house in Coldwater Canyon. A really split personality."With Mc Vie, Dennis was both a great romantic and a drug abuser and alcoholic.

He wasn't concerned about materialistic things. During this, period, he also tried heroin for the first time.

The Manson Family spent 0,000 of his money and wrecked an uninsured ,000 Mercedes.

Toward the end of 1978, Wilson took up with Fleetwood Mac's Christine Mc Vie.

The romance began while Fleetwood Mac was recording .