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The researchers found that 30% of both boys and girls reported being victims of some form of violence in their dating relationships.

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National data estimates that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men who are raped, stalked or physically abused in a relationship had experienced similar aggression from romantic partners during adolescence.Specifically, they wanted to know if the children had dating partners who had sworn at them, insulted them or treated them disrespectfully in public.They also inquired about actual physical violence — if they had been pushed or shoved or had something thrown at them.Yet, note the authors, “psychological aggression in teen dating relationships is an understudied phenomenon.” “When early dating experiences are unhealthy, it may negatively affect teens’ view of what a healthy dating relationship should look like,” says lead author Deinera Exner-Cortens, a doctoral student in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University.Girls who experienced dating violence were more apt to turn to binge drinking and smoking and have suicidal thoughts as young adults compared with their peers who had not been in aggressive relationships.