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The 20 players were initially divided into four tribes based on race for the first six days of the competition, but later merged into two tribes.An early visit to Exile island resulted in Yul discovering the hidden immunity idol.This decision alienated Manihiki's female majority, for they felt isolated as the boys took the responsibility of sending someone to Exile Island for themselves.In the end, Stephannie, Sundra and Rebecca banded together to get rid of their overbearing but weak leader Sekou in a 3–2 decision.During this season of Survivor, the contestants were divided into four tribes by ethnicity; African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and European American, a decision that generated some controversy prior to the premiere.The respective tribes' names were Manihiki ("Hiki"), Puka Puka ("Puka"), Aitutaki ("Aitu"), and Rarotonga ("Raro").With Yul holding the hidden immunity idol and Ozzy winning the final challenge, the four agreed to let a fire-making challenge decide who would join them at the Final Tribal Council; despite this taking more than an hour to complete, Becky emerged victorious.The jury, seeing Becky's coat-tailing of Yul and poor performance at the fire-making challenge, did not consider any votes for her, and Yul's brains edged out Ozzy's brawn, five votes to four.

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Sekou and Nate, the men of Manihiki, sent Jonathan from Rarotonga to Exile Island in return for Puka Puka's lost chicken.After the vote, they received their flint so they can make fire.Day 4 started well for Manihiki when the tribe managed to start a fire.Penner returned for his third time in Survivor: Philippines.Woodcock, now using her husband's surname of Cody, returned for her third time in Survivor: Blood vs. According to a local guidebook, pre-production began in the spring of 2006 and principal filming ran from July 3, 2006 until August 11, 2006.