Bloglines not updating

As I look down my own list of blogs that I follow using Bloglines I notice that the little red exclamation mark that signifies an error is on almost 1 in 10 of the feeds I’m following. Yesterday I asked them to restart my feed (again) but no word yet on what they’re up to.

If you have missed my last few days posting you can get most of the main articles I’ve written from the Blogging for Beginners page.

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My apologies once again to readers who use Bloglines to follow Pro Blogger but unfortunately it seems my feed has been out of action for the last day or two – again.

I couldn’t find a way to tell News Gator to save more posts for those feeds, and I was missing too much.

Watching both Bloglines and News Gator for a week, I didn’t notice a big difference in which service updated which blogs more quickly. However, Bloglines continually refreshes itself in your browser window if you leave it open.

If you have a similar problem I suggest you check out if your feed in Feedburner ends with ? Check that at Feedvalidator and try other feed urls if the first comes up as no valid RSS News Feed.

But things like Overheard in New York, Stuff on My Cat and Slog (see another side of Dan Savage) can get 15 posts in a couple of days, or even a few hours.

update: a comment below from a representative from Feeburner claims that the issue is at there end.

They write: ‘Bloglines has experienced errors while attempting to retrieve recent posts from Feed Burner feeds. Feed Burner knows about the problem and is working to resolve the issue.

Once the 404 went away I encountered the main problem. When I opened it in the browser it would simply show the Ghacks homepage.

Google support told me to change the url in the Feedsmith Word Press plugin to the new feedproxy url which I did.