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Even as the skin on your neck grows red and primal rage overcomes your sense of control, you can never admit As such, people who get mad online employ a set of surprisingly universal responses to show how totally unaffected they are.

These are the flimsy suits of armor donned by narcissists with big egos and little tolerance for criticism or self-awareness: In other words, assholes who have been owned6.

Watch This Space video on the dangers of sexting: Remember: The age of sexual consent in Ireland is 17.

Cam’ron, laughing, pointed his finger at O’Reilly, and, in a singsong voice, unleashed a grievous insult: “You mad.” Cam’ron’s immortal words have since been adopted by the internet at large as the cool, detached comeback to anyone who lets it be known that someone online has gotten to them.

For many (normal) people, being mad is a natural consequence of impassioned debate.

Why argue for hours if you’re not going to be emotionally invested in something?

” martial arts — a simple reversal that will confuse only the mostmad.

What it means: Not everyone is on the internet 24/7 like you pathetic nerds.