Ava gardner dating history

He may sell Eric Clapton’s memoirs for a reported £2.6 million one day and have his client John Banville win the Booker Prize the next, but he also likes quirky endeavours such as the The Obvious Diet, which he wrote in 2001 after shedding 40lb from his 6ft 4in frame.

“The stroke had really taken it out of her,” Victor sighs.“As a young man, I always found her the sexiest of all the movie stars, even sexier than Marilyn,” he says.“And the lascivious nature of her life contributed to that sex goddess perception.” Yet on the night of their first meeting 26 years ago, instead of the Barefoot Contessa, in walked “a prematurely old woman”, the left side of her face “frozen in a rictus of sadness”.She described how, as a 19-year-old on her first day on the MGM lot, she met first love Mickey Rooney, who told her, “I wanted to bed you the moment I saw you” — then cheated on her in the first week of their marriage.She told Evans how Howard Hughes taught her to be a better lover, adding that she nearly killed him with a marble ashtray in a fit of rage once, but MGM hushed it up.