Argentine tango dating

There are many different types of social gatherings to learn, practice and enjoy the tango.

The first is where you can almost always attend without a partner, unless otherwise required.

In classes, you learn the tools you need to enable you for achieving that. The Argentine tango dancers are artists, creating drawings on the dance floor, never two can be the same.

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Argentine tango embodies beauty, class, sensuality, subtlety, grace, fluidity, hidden challenges transformed into easy movements, and a spell-binding connection between two people who may not even have met until they set foot on that dance floor. It can take you through a rainbow of emotions in a single song.

As you might tell, I'm very active - planning on a half marathon by fall, workout 3X a week, practice martial arts 2- 3X a week and dancing as often as possible. My latest endeavor is formal ballroom dance and I run a group to promote and teach it.

My last few years have been dancing Argentine Tango, I've been teaching awhile and plan on spending a summer in Buenos Aires.

I'm looking for an equal partner, petite is good, short hair is good, (I like simple things and a partner that takes hours to get ready to go out - not my style) but don't let these hold you back.

If you have the passion of a Tango within as well as the kite flying spirit of a girl, we must get together.