Are pique and shakira still dating

After a long term relationship with the Antonio De La Rua, the son of the former Argentine president, Shakira is currently dating Gerard Pique.

For those of you not familiar with Gerard he is the Spanish defender who plays on the club team FC Barcelona.

The apparent cell phone shot video contains about 15 minutes of grainy footage of the two together on a boat (I mean, is that a tribute to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee?

Do they know about that 20 year old tape in Latin America??

Shakira hasn’t been seen with Gerard in several months and hasn’t posted a photo of him on her Instagram post since early last summer, fueling buzz that they are most likely headed for a break up.

Of course, no one knows what is really going on behind closed doors with Shakira and Gerard Pique except for the couple themselves.

if there’s anything more and this does get leaked,… I think we are all familiar with Shakira’s body of work.

"I have rules, too," coach says in a new interview. "We're one of those asphyxiating couples, smothering each other all the time," explains the stunner, who began dating the soccer pro, 27, in 2010 after they met on set of her video for "Waka, Waka". "Actually, Gerard came here his last vacation.he met the entire crew and the boys and they were all so nice to him," she tells E! "It was nice that he at least got to see a little bit of what I do when I'm away from him." Shakira, who welcomed son Milan [pictured below] with Gerard in January 2013, released the steamy video for "Can't Remember to Forget You" with Rihanna two months ago -- and says it will be pretty hard to top that collaboration.

Shakira looked every inch the supportive girlfriend this week when she watched with gritted teeth as boyfriend Gerard Pique was knocked out of the European Championships.

On Monday Spain crashed out of the competition after Italy enjoyed a 2-0 victory – and the singer was visibly upset.

) There’s apparently been no buyers as of yet, but you know this tape will eventually surface.

We normally end our post updates with something like “If anything new comes of this, we’ll let you know.” Unfortunately, due to our devotion and allegiance to our Google ranking,…

Are pique and shakira still dating