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She was also super impressed at how he managed to find friends every place they went that weekend and was immediately drawn to his charisma.

At some point over the weekend Maci managed to get Taylor’s number and so when she got home, she started texting him.

Maci and Taylor had a long distance relationship for over a year before they finally reached an ultimatum — they had to either break up or move closer to one another, so Taylor decided to uproot his life and move all the way to Chattanooga.

Things might not have worked out with Maci Bookout's baby daddy, but things with her new beau seem to be going well.

She spent every night in his room that weekend, but once again nothing happened, not even a kiss.

She started to get worried about things not moving forward so she confronted him about why he hadn’t tried to kiss her and he responded with, “I just respect you and what you wanna do, so I’m not gonna push you to do anything.” Afterwards, they decided to take things slow.

PHOTOS: Controversial star moms Shortly afterwards, Bookout had a sweet surprise: unexpected new love with her old childhood pal King.

The pair briefly lived together but ended their relationship in 2012 amid rumors of King's infidelity.

Not long after her relationship with Kyle ended, Maci traveled down to Texas with her best friend Raj to visit another friend named Cassandra.

When they got there Maci and Raj met Cassandra’s best friend, Taylor.

When the party ended, she was laying down on a bed with Taylor and she mentions how he never tried to kiss her or “creep close” even though they’d been drinking all night, were alone and had clearly begun a flirtatious relationship.

She planned another trip to visit him in November and at this point it was clear they were interested in one another.