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Later, the team decodes a microchip disguised as a lollipop in Diego’s pocket, which leads them to Esteban’s murder lair and the evidence needed to put him away for good.When a rabid dog kills a janitor at a renowned tennis academy, it's clear someone engineered the attack to target Coach Larry Hopper, Miami’s most popular tennis coach.The series finale aired on April 8, 2012, but was delayed due to extended coverage of the Masters.After Horatio heroically saves Natalia, our CSIs must race against time to find wanted fugitives Jack Toller and Randy North.

The CSIs investigate the death of Henry Duncan when his body washes ashore after being gored by a speeding boat.

At first they suspect a sorority sister, but when she too is murdered, the team realizes the killer is sending a message.

After the CSIs discover that the two murdered women kicked the stable owner's daughter out of the same sorority years ago, they suspect the woman finally got her revenge on her harassers.

On his way to work Duncan noticed a young boy in distress, follows him, and sees him get into a car with a tatted guy.

However, Duncan gets cut off by a truck driver going the opposite direction.