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If they are indefinitely extended the cross will infinitely go towards all four directions. It is a circular argument where the Quran says that Allah sent the Quran to state that Muhammad was a prophet and to know that we must go back to the Quran because it says so. I was naive but well grounded in certain ancient wisdoms I acquired from living in a time where the modern was bordering on the ancient struggling with it but modernism did not prevail since traditions were more powerful than money.

God used the cross to travel in all four directions to create a universal church. But the crescent if it extends its arms, it can only continue until the circle closes. I worked whatever odd jobs I got to make a buck in fast foods and liquor stores.

All the wisdom I learned I later discovered did not belong to me.

They were already in the Bible which I once started to read as if it is a book on wisdom passed down to me by my grandparents who learned it from the majority Christians living in Bethlehem where crescents and crucifixes tipped many mosques and churches. It took me a few decades to conclude that God appointed the odd whom people ignored while the devil appointed the famous whom people worshipped.

Capitalism, I quickly observed, was a war on two major Godly virtues: the two secrets to real freedom.

For the first decade I lived on a strict diet of lentil pilaf with grilled onions, tomatoes and plain yogurt for lunch which cost me $.50 on average and a piece of cod fish at a cost of another $.50 which I dipped in flour and fried with olive oil for supper. As I lived in this culture I never have seen a people who loved to collect so much rubbish where the products came into these horseshoe shaped homes where the front door was the input and the output came out of the garage with a ready sign that says “garage sale”. Never have I seen a people more enslaved where not one owns a home free and clear for when they even paid the damned thing off, here still comes the government who was still the landlord.

He still collected the rent they called “property tax” where if you missed a payment he now become the homeowner and you are evicted homeless.

I was simply living in a land where sex was a handshake and immorality was running rampant.By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) It took me a while to discover the cross. But here I was an 18 year old Muslim, single, I had no wedding ring, I never drank or had sex.The one fascinating thing about the cross is its four arms. I just came off the plane in 1978 from Bethlehem via Tel-Aviv landing in San Francisco.All my life I rarely watched the news because it only created local earthquakes while it ignored the whole earth.But I had a very bad sense of direction where I got lost going around the corner to pick up an $.80 cents pack of cigarettes.