Android mail app not updating

It will also take some time for your users to be notified that an update is available.Users will see an update available notification for your app, or if they have automatic updates enabled, your app will be automatically updated for them, and they'll be notified of the change.

Once the update is published, your update will start being distributed to existing users and the “Update pending” status won’t be displayed.App updates take some time to be delivered to existing users.Since you’ve submitted an update that hasn’t showed up on Google Play, even after 24 hours it is better to .Then go in to the notification settings for each of the apps you want notifications from and make sure sounds and icon badges is turned on. I can't be sure, but I don't think PUSH has anything to do with fetching, so it shouldn't matter if PUSH is off.And really, the fetch schedule can be set to anything except Manual and it should work.