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All-Europe online train times Eurostar times & fares UK, EU, Swiss & US citizens no longer need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.This visa-free arrangement was introduced in 2005, but has been extended indefinitely. With the current situation in parts of Ukraine such as the Crimea, check Foreign Office travel advice at uk/foreign-travel-advice.Option 3, via Brussels & Prague, using the Prague-Kiev sleeper - the cheapest option, with an evening in Brussels and dinner in Prague... Departures are daily all year round except Christmas Day. The Berlin-Warsaw Express has modern air-conditioned smooth-riding coaches in both 1st & 2nd class, most with compartments and side corridor like this, but some with seats in open-plan saloons.You can choose which type you prefer when you book.

Eurostar and German Railways link London with Warsaw, then there is the comfortable and safe daily sleeper train Kiev Express from Warsaw to Kiev. This page will tell you train times, approximate fares and how to buy tickets. Kiev station Hotels in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa & Ukraine Ukrzaliznytsya (UZ), (now also in English).

Ordered online through 243 zlotys (51 or 57) in a 3-bed sleeper. If you prefer daytime trains and hotels to sleepers, and fancy a morning (or more) in Krakow on the way, this is ideal.

This takes an extra night compared to going via Warsaw, and it involves a few more changes.

But it's the cheapest option thanks to remarkably cheap Brussels-Prague and Prague-Kiev tickets sold by the Czech Railways website and it only involves 3 tickets, all easily bookable online.

With an evening in Brussels, dinner in Prague, and high-quality air-conditioned trains with a comfy sleeper at night, what's not to like?