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Hamidi, who lives in the Kabul neighbourhood of Macrorayan, is one of the country's most respected young activists, having won a number of awards for her work.

She used to direct the Afghan Women's Network, a coalition of 90 women's organisations involving more than 5,000 people.

Since the fall of the Taliban, women are returning to work and schools are slowly opening for young girls.

A mob of men beat her to the floor, threw her from a roof, ran her over and then set light to her body before dumping it in the Kabul River, while police reportedly looked on."We had power cuts that day," says Hamidi, "so I came to know about the incident, through Facebook, at about 1am.In Afghanistan, marriages are usually arranged, and women are usually less educated than men.They marry young, have many babies (preferably boys), generally do not work outside the home, and are usually restricted to socializing with female relatives.However, within the household they wield much power and influence in the decision making.The head matriarch is often the person who selects the brides for the family’s sons.