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We adopted this young lady and this is the thanks we get.

Some of these were posted on the USENET group (now Google Group) soc.sexuality.spanking.

My wife gave me a b'day spanking on my 50th birthday she was half way through it when in walked my mother-in-law (she came over to surprise us) boy did she ever.

I (5'6" 165 lbs.) tried getting up but my wife (6'2" 190 lbs.) held me down and without missing a beat kept a conversation going with her.

Don't call the cops on your parents, listen to them-they are probably right anyway, and do the right thing with your life.

Your family will be the only thing for you anyway when your on your own, so quit taking advange of them. Am Sorry To write It But Your Mom Is "" SICK"" you have to tell her that it's stupid wt she's doin , an you know that if she kept doin that then You'll Become " Gay ", so she have to be careful bout wt shes Doin ... judging from your post, id have to agree with acid and say I think you enjoy it a bit. I don't know where you're from, but where I'm from, that's plain old weird. I know some who are used to do that to my younger brother..was hitting him with a wooden log and I have to pull my brother and took that log and told my mom want your son to just fear u?