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For males, the level of the bladder meter controls whether they sit or stand while using the toilet.

In The Sims and The Sims 2, upgrading to a better toilet can let Sims boost Comfort if they sit while relieving themselves.

The aspiring model posted a number of shots from backstage at the singer's concert While multiple women claim that they were involved with the chart topper in their early to mid teens and also filmed engaging in sexual or lewd acts, R.

Kelly has never been found guiltily of any wrong doing. Kelly (pictured at court in 2007) has also been accused a number of times of engaging in sexual relationships with underage girls.

The aspiring model posted a number of shots from backstage at the singer's concert.

Sims will wet themselves if the "Really has to Pee" moodlet expires and gain an "Embarrassed" moodlet for wetting themselves, which gives -20 mood for 3 hours; and their hygiene drops to 0. If they pee themselves, it will cause them to have the "Embarrassed" moodlet if other Sims are in the room (unless they are a toddler or infant) and will instantly deplete the Hygiene need, causing the Sim to be "Smelly".Accidents also may cause a small drop in the Fun need. Steel Bladder Lifetime Reward prevents and eliminates this.In The Sims 4 Sims will likewise wet themselves when the "Really Has To Go" moodlet expires, and will then get the "Peed Self" moodlet and be Very Embarrassed for 4 hours.Bladder is a basic motive (also known as a "need") for Sims, pets and other life states in The Sims series.The bladder motive gradually decreases throughout the day, but is also decreased when eating or drinking.