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Sharks are known for shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis; if the megalodon shark was still alive, they would be expected to shed the most teeth out of all of these sharks.

Every megalodon tooth that has been found is ancient.

November 9, 2017 09Nov17 Helen Keller 1 In Tuscumbia, Alabama you’ll find a homestead named Ivy Green.

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Because of this, paleontologists have managed to uncover quite a few facts about these amazing creatures, and although many specifics are still being debated, there are a few things that most are definitely in agreement on.

From 70 million to 10 million years ago, the wonder known as the megalodon shark ruled the warm waters of Earth.

Based on what researchers have discovered, the megalodon had many physical and behavioral similarities to the great white shark; however, one of the main differences between the two was that the megalodon was substantially more menacing and intimidating.

The exact lengths of these ancient sharks are still in discussion, however, we do know that the megalodon was approximately 40 to 70 feet (12 to 21m) long!

They are also known as the “megatooth” shark and was the largest carnivorous fish that has ever existed on Mother Earth.