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That may sound like good money, but “people are having to work harder to get it,” adds Chanel Preston.

But Calvert seems very aware of the irony in oozing sexuality on camera while being so inexperienced. I had my first kiss when I was 18—and I got mono.” A competent student, Calvert carved out time for work, collecting 0 to 0 an hour fetish modeling. As hard as it is to believe, it was a move in part prompted by her parents.If and when they stop performing, they’re often stuck with few transferable job skills, resume gaps, spotty educations, a scarlet letter when peers uncover their past and a judgmental labor market.Still, there’s money to be made by those who can adapt and, more important, diversify.After speaking with a dozen current and former actors and industry executives, it became apparent that you can survive the business—but whether you leave or stay on as a “lifer,” you’re forever branded, a fact that the Internet has ensured. O., and Calver got into performing while still a virgin.It’s never been more acceptable to be a porn star, but when everyone’s digital image is a click away, what constitutes success? Casey Calvert graduated with honors from the University of Florida on a full academic scholarship, majoring in film during the day, and focusing on more extracurricular pursuits after dark. Calvert bucks the stereotype in many respects—at least the beginning of her story. At first it was just modeling, tame stuff, she says.