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Alan Dershowitz beklagede derfor i Algemeiner, at Corbyn klarede sig så godt i valgkampen, om det var på truds eller grund af den galoperende antisemitisme og bemærkede One of the biggest criticisms of what has been referred to as the “Corbynization” of British politics has been the mainstreaming of traditional antisemitism.

The country’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has also chimed into the conversation, calling the Labour party’s antisemitic problem “severe.” Consider, the bigotry of Gerald Kaufman (now deceased), for example – a Labour veteran and close political associate of Corbyn – who touted conspiracies about Jews and Jewish money throughout his political career.

In 2013, he wrote to the Foreign Office criticising ‘Israel’s criminal politicians’ and the following year he wrote in the Morning Star of attending a ceremony in Tunisia where ‘wreaths were laid’ on the graves of terrorists responsible for the 1972 massacre of Israelis at the Munich Olympics.

Corbyn (der engang bebrejdede et Melodi Granprix nederlag for at være et resultat af alliancen med USA) har også doneret penge til ovennævnte Holocaust benægter Eisen, skriver Tablet Magazine i deres version af Corbyns synderegister, som han har inviteret en 9/11 konspirationsteoretiker til at holde et foredrag om, hvorledes jøderne stod bag angrebet.

And because Israel is the Jewish state, British Jews take Israel-hatred personally.

Asking them to disavow their affiliation to Israel in order to maintain their liberalism therefore presents an agonizing choice.

TV direktør i BBC Danny Cohn luftede for et par år siden derfor også sin ængstelse over jøders fremtid i England, kun uger forinden en BBC journalist sammenlignede Israels behandling af palæstinenserne med Holocaust - lige op i ansigtet på en Holocaustoverlevende.

Og, som Josh Glancy skriver i Tablet Magazine, jøder “don’t feel comfortable sitting in a room where people applaud a call for Israel’s destruction”, hvorfor forholdet til venstrefløjen syntes mere og mere umuligt When liberal British Jews see anti-Israel marchers holding signs saying “Jews back to the gas” and “Hitler was right” and they don’t hear loud and universal condemnation of such bile from the left, they begin to fear that there is another agenda there that is not about social justice. Yet for many British Jews, the vehemence of leftist anti-Zionism—minus the Nazi slogans—is a problem, too.

Some attendees have held up placards claiming thatbefore an apparently awesomely powerful Israeli Lobby.This is a recurring theme in anti-Israel sentiment today: the idea that a powerful, sinister lobby of Israel lovers has warped our otherwise respectable leaders here in the West, basically winning control of Western foreign policy.You see it in cartoons depicting Israeli leaders as the The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, which holds an apparently super-powerful pro-Israel lobby in the heart of Washington responsible for the Iraq War and all other kinds of disasters.One Twitter user called her a ‘Zionist shill [stooge]’.Perhaps this is not surprising, considering that Corbyn himself has called Hamas, the terror group whose charter called on followers to kill Jews, his ‘friends’. He’s attended events run by Paul Eisen, a convicted Holocaust denier.