Adult angelicas dating

As well as being dressed up as Barbie since she was a baby, Angelica still lives at home, has to take her mum Natalia with her on dates and can’t even pick out clothes without her mum’s help.

‘My mother and father don’t want me to move out of the family home,’ she says, adding: ‘I’m not even allowed to buy clothes without my mum there – she likes to choose attire that clings to my figure and emphasize my good features.’ Those features are, Angelica claims, all down to diet and three hour workouts five times a week with a personal trainer – not plastic surgery. ‘Cosmetic work is only necessary when an individual has serious faults with their face or body.’ Angelica has always been the Barbie girl at the centre of her family’s world.

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Check the all galleries from "Aunt Judy's," out!One day, however, Angelica admits she’d like to leave home and move into her very own Dreamhouse – as well as finding the man of her dreams. ‘I am waiting for my one great, true love,’ she says.‘I do not like sugary, cute boys.’ She adds: ‘My parents have kept me in a glass palace all my life but one day hopefully, I will be able to break free.This moving image work considers an urgent and persistent question: How do we best live together?A question that is relevant on a personal and private level and at the global geo/political scale.