Aboriginal dating customs

Throughout the years, Aboriginal people divided into large groups of different tribes, with a wide variety of cultural differences, including more than 250 dialects.The first British settlers landed in Australia in 1788 with the sole purpose of establishing the country as a penal colony.Meanwhile, the music, dance and customs of our province are infused with the English, Irish and Scottish heritage that’s an integral part of our lives.Our British roots are on display at the Historic Garrison District in Fredericton, where the red tunic of the British regiment can be witnessed during Changing of the Guard ceremonies.A cross-cultural adventure story began very early in the land that would become New Brunswick.In fact, 3,000 years ago with the ancestors of our Aboriginal community.

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Whether you visit the park by day or night, you’ll enjoy a unique cultural experience with performance, dance, food and arts.

In the Aboriginal culture, deities do not have one role, but rather, fulfill a variety of roles.

and are categorized as Creation Beings, Ancestral Beings and Totemic Beings.

It is located in Smithfield at the base of the Skyrail cableway, showcases the 40,000-year-old Aboriginal culture through dance and song.

It is both an entertaining spectacle, and an educational experience for everyone.