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I wasn’t sure what percentage of a trunkload we had but I was pretty sure it wasn’t a full load and most likely less than a 3/4 load (6).

It was therefore the cheapest and, perhaps more importantly, they could be there TODAY!

While I was slightly annoyed they weren’t picked up, it was certainly better than getting a ticket.

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They were wearing the uniforms you see in all advertisements and both guys were pleasant and courteous.

They are franchised across the country and seem to get rave reviews online.

Their prices started at 6 and maxed out at 8 for a full load.

I was comfortable with paying for 3/8ths, so I told them to load it up and get it gone.

For the next 25-30 minutes, I stood on the sidewalk and chatted with our neighbor while the 2 guys hauled stuff out the front door: And tossed out of the 2nd & 3rd story windows (with my permission) & squarely into the truck: At about 2/3rd’s complete: Less than a half hour later, the truck was loaded.